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HR Compliance & Wellbeing Essentials Training course 45 minutes


This training course has been designed to provide employees with an overview of the key HR topics that can help to build a positive workplace culture.


This course will cover mental health, conflict resolution, equality and diversity, sexual harassment, bullying, and more. This course will look at the relevant pieces of legislation and provide employees with the tools to overcome some of the most common workplace challenges. This course takes just 45 minutes to complete.



1. Equality, Diversity and Unconscious Bias

2. Bullying and Harassment, including Sexual Harassment

3. Conflict Resolution

4. Mental Health

HR Compliance & Wellbeing Essentials Training

Excluding VAT
  • You will need a laptop, mobile phone or tablet to complete this course.

    In addition it is advised to have the sound turned on, although subtitles are available.

    Courses are available in several additional languages. The default language is English. If you require your course in an alternative language please contact us.

    Your learner will have the option to download the certificate upon successful completion of their course. If you have any issues accessing this certificate please contact us and we will email this to you.

    Pass rates are defaulted to 80%. Should you wish to change this pass rate, please include this information at the time of booking.

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