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Fire Risk assessment 

If you have a premises it is a legal requirement to have a suitable & sufficient fire risk assessment in place. Even for those that lease a part of a building, there is still a duty to ensure a fire risk assessment is done for your areas, and that you have in place suitable fire safety prevention and management procedures. This can include testing any services, having extinguishers, emergency lighting, trained staff, evacuation procedures and more.  

Having a competent person conduct a fire risk assessment of your premises will enable you to acknowledge any areas that may need remedy and we can help you to put in place any required action. 

Fire Training 

Often when carried out, fire drills are not all that effective. This is because most of the time, people know they will happen, or simply don't believe it is a real life situation. 

Human behaviour is hugely significant in terms of successful evacuation, but so is planning and training. 

We can offer fire marshal training, basic fire safety awareness and help you to put in place effective procedures. 

What's more, we can come to your premises and lead a practical drill, so that all of your staff can benefit from a drill organised by an independent person. This can take into account things such as those needing assistance, or blocked exits, in a way that is safe, and even fun. 

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