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Competent Person

Legal Requirement for every business

A competent person being assigned to your business is a legal requirement, irrespective of size. It doesn't have to be someone from outside of your business, but you must ensure that the person chosen has the necessary skills, knowledge, training and experience to manage the health and safety requirements of the business. This is generally being able to identify the hazards from your operations, control them in accordance with  legislation and applicable regulations, and advise the business on any changes that affect it as a whole.  


Cost Effective 

Many businesses do not feel their needs warrant a full time in house person, and so it can make sense to utilise a consultant to provide the coverage level they require. Our minimum package provides 2 check ins per year (one is a full gap analysis) and 6 hours telephone and/or email support for just £125 + vat per month.

Competent Person certification should never be a tickbox exercise and for that reason, we need to demonstrate we have an understanding of your business, and that you can ask for advice and support where required. 

Our support can be tailored to your needs and there's certainly no requirement from us to have a set package of support.  We don't make  a fee for building the right contract, it isn't classed as a bespoke service.  However, many contact us asking if, for ease, we have a guideline to help, and a way of purchasing it quickly and simply.


Therefore we created 3  levels of basic Competency packages Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Please note the cover and support you get is still bespoke to your needs.  You also have the option to build your own package which gives you the flexibility of adding additional support to a level that suits you.


Already have a competent person? 

Even if you already have a Competent Person, we can offer an external support function and an independent set of eyes can really help to support an in house H&S team in their goals. You drive exactly what you wish us to be involved in, whether it be a general attendance and approach, or working on a specific project. 

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