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CDM Services

The world of Construction is a vast one, with so many different elements to consider. 

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 are extensive and can feel overwhelming, even to those that work in construction regularly.  Here at Chameleon though, we love it! With a confident and strong working knowledge of the regulations and experience of working on construction sites from a small extension to a £30m new build, we can help simplify and advise, making the construction phase as seamless as possible. 


Site Inspections

The benefits of independent, external inspections has long been known. Having a 'fresh pair of eyes; that will give unbiased feedback and support, and work with you to ensure you are not only complying with the regulations, but also achieving best practice where  possible. Our  proportionate, pragmatic approach helps you to run your site safely, efficiently and practically. Bringing all of the experience from hundreds of previous sites, we also keep up to date with the latest guidance from leading councils and advisory bodies. Wherever your site, how big or small, domestic or commercial, we can help. 

Contractor to Principal Contractor Mentoring and Training

Making the jump from a Contractor to Principal Contractor can be a stressful process, fraught with issues you didn't see coming. The additional revenue can be appealing, but executed without the correct planning and knowledge can lead to a sub standard project, and a bitter taste in a clients mouth, let alone project cost losses. Ensuring you efficiently set the foundations to migrate from contractor to PC and fully understand the additional duties and practicalities will place you in a stronger position for success. 

Site Manager Mentoring 

Sadly too often, when someone is trained to become a site manager, managing a live site alone straight after the course is common. This approach can be extremely stressful for the individual and can lead to serious project failings. Rather than leave it all to hindsight, we provide a mentoring service either on or off site, to coach your newly trained site managers through to feeling competent in running their own site.  

Principal Contractor Support 

If you're already a Principal Contractor, new or old, we can act as PC advisor on your projects. You choose the level and type of involvement or we can offer suggestions. Whether it is helping to plan and set up the site,  review the documentation you use, attending project meetings or otherwise, we can help! 

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