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Auditing & Accreditation Assistance


Auditing can be a great way to check that your business is being managed and conducted to the standard required by law, or your own aspirations. Carrying out internal audits using an independent service such as Chameleon can give the assurances you need and advice on where to improve. Not only can this help with striving for continual improvement, it can also assist as a pre audit prior to an external assessor appointment. 

Auditing covers a wide range of subjects, and in addition to highlighting areas for improvement, will show what you do well, and advise how to implement corrective action to increase your standards. 

Accreditation Support

If you are one of the many businesses that strive to achieve membership or approval from an accrediting body, we can help you pre determine if you have the required processes in place and help to interpret what evidence is required. Accreditations are not only a great way to show commitment to a particular standard, but are also required by some clients to enable you to tender for work. 

If you are not quite ready to apply for an accreditation, we can set out a road map to prepare you. 

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