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Accident & Incident Investigation


We would like to think that you won't have a need for this service, but we all know that things don't always go to plan. 

The best way to arm yourself of course is by putting preventative measure in place that help to keep your workforce safe, but having support you can rely on should something go wrong is also a good idea. - and it's a good idea to do this in advance. 


Time is of the essence when you have an incident and the steps you take immediately following are vital.  

Ensuring a suitable and sufficient investigation

It's vital to ensure that following an incident, a proportionate investigation is carried out and that it is done correctly. How you address the investigation, determine causes and decide on actions to prevent recurrence are your most effective tool in ensuring that you have learned from the instance and use it to protect people going forward. 

Using a trained accident and incident investigator, you can be assured that a methodical approach that correctly identifies what needs to be done going forward will be on hand to you, and will help you to improve practices and gain back your confidence. 

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